God Does Not Do Disaster

I did not realize how sincerely I had been expecting disaster until our midsummer retreat in early July. When I looked back at our first month, I realized that everything had gone so much better than I expected. In fact, it had gone better than I even dreamed of expecting. 

My team last year did not really fight and we often chose team time and adventures over naps. We got along so well, that leading up to this summer and even after our work started, I did not expect to be that blessed again. I did not think that God would give me two amazing, adventurous, loving teams. I did not think anyone could deserve or receive that kind of grace.

In a way I was right – I didn’t deserve that big of a grace. I don’t deserve anything. But it’s not about being deserving or not, it’s about receiving the love that God has to offer us, no matter how that love is manifested in our lives. 

For me, one of the biggest ways I have seen His love working in my life is through my teammates, all six of them. They have each taught me so much about myself and about what it means to live for Christ, to pour ourselves out in love of neighbor every day. 

Together we have walked closer to Christ. I am not the same person I was before teaching Totus Tuus. I am not even the same person I was before this second summer. With my teammates by my side I have become a new creation in Christ and my heart is changed forever. 

God does not do disaster. God does the exact opposite: blessings poured out from an infinite love. We just have to be ready to receive.


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